French Girl Victoria Meet Me In Paris

You never forget your very first time. Neither will Victoria. "I'm a very modest girl by nature, so being naked in a magazine is a very big deal," says our spanking-new discovery with the sexiest French accent imaginable. "It really isn't anything I thought I could ever be courageous enough to try. Posing gave me an incredible feeling of freedom and empowerment, and I have to admit I also liked all the attention I got from the photographer and his doting assistants. Plus, the warmth from the hot lights felt great on my bare skin." Only 18, Victoria is almost virginal. "I haven't had a lot of sex so far," she confesses. "The first time was so rushed and clumsy that I thought I was doing it all wrong. It took a couple of tries to find the right lover. For me that's a strong, patient man who spends a lot of time with foreplay. I think oral pleasure is the best gift a man can give a woman, and I like to return the favor." Alas, Victoria will soon be returning to France, but her much-too-brief visit to our shores was truly satisfying. "Coming to America was a wonderful experience," the willowy beauty recalls. "There are so many new things that I am discovering. I love Los Angeles almost as much as I love my hometown. I say almost because nothing beats living in Paris. Both cities thrive with food, nightlife and beautiful people looking for love. Perhaps some of your readers can come visit me sometime?" READ FULL INTERVIEW INSIDE OF HUSTLER
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