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Here even solo scenes do not tend to look completely softcore, as these playful babes never hesitate to put to use their fingers and toys to pleasure themselves. The erotic nudes here do not resemble beautiful but cold marble statues, they let you see more than their gorgeous bodies, and they do not try to shyly cover their most intimate parts too. Be ready to deal with hot-blooded women who have their needs and desires instead of some evanescent creatures. These adorable babes know that their perfectly build bodies are the instruments of pleasure, and they are quite able to play them. You will see the tender petals of their pink flowers swell and open up, their hardened nipples proudly stick out, their eyes close and their moans sound louder than the soft background music as they are nearing their big O. Sometimes the angle of the camera will make you feel as if you are sneak peeking on them or enjoying a rare fly-on-the-wall view while witnessing the release of intense sexual passion.

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This site gives you a bit more action than most erotic sites out there, since they do not focus just on artistic solo posing or softcore lesbian eroticism, but give you quite a bit of interaction in both girl-girl and couple sex scenes. However, they still pay much attention to the settings, the lighting, the choice of models and the profession quality of all their shoots calling their fusion of erotic art and explicit porn glam-core, and presenting it with high class and style. You will love the seduction, the slow build-up, the unusual allure and sensuality of hardcore scenes as much as the passionate crescendo and their simply explosive finals. It is not about humping, it is about love-making filled with true emotions, very intimate and tender. Everything starts with ardent kisses, gentle touches and slow caresses and often ends up with sweet embraces as a totally spent couple falls asleep hugging each other.

You will be surprised to find that some hardcore scenes feature not only couples, but frisky threesomes too. Two gorgeous girls for one guy - now, isn't it every man's dream? What about waking up to a smashing blowjob and seeing two dream-girls teaming up on your throbbing dick and then giving you two pairs of breasts to feast your eyes on and cup in your hands, and two eager pussies to fill? It will be heaven on earth, won't it? However, even this sort of footage never gets too brutal or dirty; it may look a bit mischievous, quite bold and very hot, but you will still feel that special touch of refined and polished erotic filming that becomes a distinctive feature of everything stored inside Each one of the models presented at the site looks like a Playboy cover-girl, but unlike Playboy babes, these glamour hotties not only pose nude, but go all the way too. The model list is big enough for you to view a new girl every day. Once you peek up your favorite babe, you will be able to follow her and check whatever new update she appears in as soon as it is posted in the member's area. But whether you like a nifty variety or prefer to look for your special type of girl, you will be completely satisfied with what the site has on offer. The cast of American and European beauties is simply terrific here, justifying its big name.

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