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FemJoy stands apart from other nude photography and erotic art sites with its concept "every day new, every day pure nude". As a multi-photographer website it is focused on natural all nude babes and great variety. Being one of the leading nude art sites in the world, now it presents 485 gorgeous nude models, 90,000 premium quality erotic photos and 120 thrilling nude videos. Be ready for the pure erotic visual experience with FemJoy natural beauties, lots of very sexy spreads and teasing seductive poses. No make-up, no special hair-do, no clothes and no accessories, just beautiful all-nude babes the way nature has created them. They look most smashing posing just in their birthday suit always joyful and smiley, willing to share their tempting nudity with us. No false looks, faked boobs or overplaying - just real sexy naked women in all their natural splendor, that's what makes you appreciate the natural beauty of nude female body.

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Launched in 2004 FemJoy has been the fastest growing nude art site that has accumulated a really large and splendid collection of nude photo sets and now they offer HDV videos for the selected erotic photo series. "Beauty in motion" - that's how they describe their sexy nude movies. Real connoisseurs of erotic art will appreciate their high aesthetic value and simple elegance - these features are the brand mark of FemJoy.com. Counting on their multi-photographer concept FemJoy can offer what other erotic sites usually fail to provide. It's not only very frequent updates made on a daily basis - and now they offer up to 3 updates every day, it's an ability of the site to keep you interested. Now with around 100 contributing erotic artists FemJoy can guarantee a sensational variety in style, nude babes, background, etc. avoiding repetitiveness of one-photographer sites. Using wider age range that goes past barely legal teens with lean girlish bodies and setting no limits for the types of nude models FemJoy really makes every day new, when each time you open a new page in this never ending erotic story.

Great Eroticism and Worshipping of Nude Female Beauty

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Focusing on the pure natural beauty of a female body this nude art site has succeeded in creating of the very special erotic mood. Featuring mostly solo-girl photo and video sets with pretty naked women brought to us through the eyes of most endowed erotic art photographers, the site states that it's all not about sex - it's all about great eroticism and worshipping of nude female beauty. Its occasional girl/girl nude galleries are devoted not to sizzling hot lesbian coupling, they feature a kind of gentler and highly erotic affairs with most beautiful naked women casting their spell on you. They simply enjoy being nude, feeling absolutely free and comfortable in their nakedness, because it's only natural for these nude babes. They love the way their nude bodies look not only on the white sheets, but also outdoors. Natural surroundings make you feel that these enchanting, joyful nude women belong there and it begins to dawn on you why this wonderful erotic art site was called FemJoy in the first place.

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With nothing diverting your attention, you can fully concentrate on the beauty of a nude female body, on silky soft or velvety texture of its skin, on its gentle glow, on tempting curves. Created by the most talented and unmatched sculptor - Mother Nature - these daughters of Eve never stop surprising us with amazing eroticism of their every movement or pose captured in erotic nude stills and movies. Take in these lovely and smiley faces with sparkling eyes and sweet lips, move your gaze to the perfectly round breasts with pinkish areolas and aroused nipples, then let your gaze stroke these tight and firm butts and take in the length of shapely legs and the tempting curve of womanly hips before casting your eyes down to the gentle pink petals opened up in the most sexy spreads. These captivating naked women will show you a different world - the world of alluring female nudity.

Outdoor Nude Photo and Video Sets

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With the vast variety of outdoor nude photo and video sets you can forget about the cramped spaces and boring reality of high-tech society watching these fascinating nude women in their natural habitat like in the days of Adam and Eve. Making a spread eagle at the rocky seashore, leaning against the old tree trunk in the woods, squatting by the creek or sprawling on the green grass of the meadow, these amazing naked women don't afraid to give away all their intimate secrets. If you should capture a glimpse of their most private parts, these nude babes would not turn red in the face. Their nakedness seems as natural as the sunrise, as the wind in the trees, as the flow of the river and as mysteriously luring as the moonlight. But let's this enigma remain unsolved while a lovely nude woman can arouse our admiration and desire.

Indoor and Studio Nude Sets

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The variety of indoor nude sets seems as impressive. It's the angles, the lighting and the selection of nude models that makes even traditional bedroom, bathtub and staircase shoots look absolutely different from anything you have ever seen before. These nude galleries look artistic and provocative at the same time. When captured by professional erotic photographers, the true masters of their craft, none of the nude shots made in classic surroundings with nude models posing in a bathtub full of rose petals, spreading on the stairs, stretching on the silky sheets, leaning on the walls or perching on the armchair handles won't seem less exciting. You can tell the true erotica when you see one and with FemJoy it's concentrated pure erotic art that never stops fascinating us. They don't bring goddesses from heaven here they make real life nude girls of the next door type look as gorgeous as the goddesses.

FemJoy Concept "Nude and Natural"

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It looks like here various erotic artists have shared their vision about the nude female beauty remaining loyal to the main FemJoy concept "nude & natural". Their A-class nude art photography has enriched the site with erotic pictures of top class quality looking crystal clear even with a poster size, but what's more, they have created outstanding imagery bringing FemJoy.com into the major league of erotic photography and nude art sites.