Gallery Carré

Black and white trademark style of Didier Carré

Outstanding erotic works handcrafted by the renowned French photographer

Didier Carré Gallery

Once inside, you will realize that at Gallery Carré every picture set and every single image is truly a work of art handcrafted by renowned French artist Didier Carré like in the good old days, that is in black-and-white. For a very long time this old-school photographer tried to steer clear of digital cameras remaining true to the dying tradition of photo shooting and developing. However, nothing can stay the same forever, so after the first decade of the XXI century the site was redesigned and updated with color erotic photos artfully mixed with his beloved black and white nudes. Being unable to stay away from new realities and demands, the artist has decided to add a video section to his site as well, and it is promised to be opened shortly in 2014.

Black and white trademark style of Didier Carré

black end white nude art photo

Didier Carré is considered to be one of the greatest photographers alive, and he is definitely the best in his field when it comes to black-n-white erotic imagery. Presented with artistic perfection and soaked with unfeigned eroticism, his time-proved glamour photography is in a class by itself. It seems that nobody can compete with him in depicting the most beautiful women just in black and white with all the fifty shadows of grey in between. It is the lack of color that makes the gorgeous female bodies look more sculptured and the images more graphic. When there is no color to distract you, you concentrate on the form, finally beginning to appreciate the intricate play of shadow and light in these nude art works.

New Gallery Carre remastered in color

erotic nudes

Trying to keep up with new trends and demands, the French artist will let the color into his softcore erotic works remastering some of the old black-n-white images and shooting many new ones in color. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that none of them has lost that sharp sculptured quality that makes his carte-de-visite. The color never actually stands in the way when he captures the graceful beauty and nudity of his stunning models in full-body shots or focuses on very explicit pussy spreads, sensuous dildo toying and stunning close-ups of women’s privates that he is so good at. You will get a chance to compare!

Explicit yet artistic pussy spreads and fantastic close-ups

Being known for his terrific black-n-white close-up pictures depicting female genitals, Didier Carré goes on doing the same while experimenting with color and as usual, he succeeds here as well. Exposing the sanctum sanctorum of the woman’s body, he still sees it as art and treats his women as goddesses. Tempting nude pussy spreads, zoomed in images of succulent moist crevices, puffy cameltoes, unshaved pubic hair or butterfly-like pussy lips will make you want to see more and more of the galleries produced by this talented erotic photographer. The sensuality is oozing out from his explicit works, and you can virtually smell it in the air!

Sensual beauties pleasure themselves with fingers and toys

erotic perfection

Though his nude art photography always stays on the softcore side, he also encourages the babes to pleasure themselves with their fingers and toys. You will see these filmed in color or classy black and white nudes using all sorts of glass dildos to play with their sensitive slits. They will make you focus your attention on the form and texture of the objects as much as on the action itself. With the unique style of this phenomenal French photographer, you are guaranteed to get aesthetic satisfaction on top of the fulfillment of your carnal needs while delving deeper into the world of pure erotic delights.

Unusual settings and locations conveying the mood of the galleries

You can’t but notice his unusual choice of settings and locations; he believes that finding a perfect place for his shoot is half the battle, so he usually does it before choosing a perfect model to perform for the set. He may use simple monochrome background, film the girl against the soft drapes of the textile, capture her in the vintage-looking interiors or pose her by the brutally looking truck or some sort of farm machinery. Using equally well the contrast and the resemblance of the settings to the soft curvaceous feminine forms, he wants you to feel the mood and emotion of each gallery, and see it through his eyes.

Beautiful naked babes in various outdoor locales

blonde lady in studio nude photos

This gifted French photographer makes use of the various outdoor locales too, but don’t expect to see anything usual too. If he does film his nudes on the sandy beach or among the rocks, it isn’t the picturesque background, but rather the texture of the sand or rock that he is more interested in. You will also see beautiful naked babes with perfectly sculptured bodies posing against a pile of wood, in the wild forest, in the old abandoned quarry, etc. and looking very statuesque no matter whether they have been shot in color or black-n-white. His photography reminds famous Rodin’s sculptures, as he manages to equally masterfully convey not only the form, but also the personality and individual eroticism of his subjects.

Natural beauty, sensuality and charismatic attraction of Carre’s models

fur nude art

The models at Gallery Carre look differently too. He sees a female body as an object of adoration, desire and obsession, celebrating natural beauty, femininity, sensuality and charismatic attraction in his erotic photography. It seems that he is fascinated with his subjects himself, so he tries to accentuate and bring up the best in them. Nobody has ever exposed female nudity with such elegant and daring splendor as this talented Frenchman. So if you share his passion for black and white nude art and his devotion to exquisitely beautiful enigmatic female creatures that never cease to inspire him, then you will enjoy your stay at the website filled with his outstanding erotic works of art.

Unconventional erotic photography shot in the most artistic of ways

black and white nude photo

After the last update, Gallery Carre presents both black-and-white and color erotic nudes. Known for his fascinating prints with amazing play of shadow and light, and exceptional attention to detail, this French artist stays true to his signature style even in his colored photography. The content is strictly softcore, but it is overflowing with sensual fully nude images and close-up shots of the most private women’s areas that you can view now in fantastic high resolution quality. As a man of taste and real connoisseur of black and white nude art, you will appreciate sublime beauty, uninhibited sensuality and power of perfection in all the exhibited inside galleries. Exclusively dedicated to Didier Carré’s works, this site has been a great source of tasteful unadulterated softcore erotica for almost 10 years and it is still going strong.