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Follow your exquisite erotic dream with the world-famous and award-winning Norwegian photographer, Petter Hegre. He's known not only for bringing nude photography to a new level while being a pioneer of "The New Nude" style, but for making a real masterpiece of every nude female body. His erotic photography seems more natural and intimate, while the quality remains simply impressive over the years. Created back in 2002 the site has undergone several improving changes always remaining at the forefront of nude art photography. Every of his nude women is a treasure uncovered, which makes Hegre's model collection not only one of the best on the net, but one of a kind with so many international models getting nude for Hegre's sophisticated camera. Focusing on the body of his nude models he always succeeds at bringing up the girls' personality, which makes his erotic photos and films so different aside from various exotic locations and a well-chosen background.

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You are promised many thousands of stunning nude images and hundreds of erotic films full of the sexiest and most intimate moments. The long list of nude models of all kinds makes you believe that with Hegre's erotic art photography, diversity is a key. While the site claims to offer the largest image size found anywhere on the net, you'll be also impressed by the highest standards of quality that goes along with the great quantity of accumulated over the years nude art content. Featuring mostly solo-girl shots with occasional twosomes and moresomes, all delivered in a cover-girl style, Hegre-Art brings its own vision of a sexy nude female. It's the angles and the perfect lines that make Petter Hegre's erotic photography look so special. He succeeds in developing of his very own artistic style and his nude shots look spectacular captured in the most exotic locations outdoors, while indoors backgrounds look always unusual, so you're waiting for each update with anticipation of a new wonder. And the wonders aren't going to run short while this extremely talented photographer is the man behind the cam.

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Being a real genius of photographic art, Petter Hegre shows not less of involvement in his amazing erotic films, where each of them is a new sexy and very intimate erotic story. The scenarios are simply enchanting as Hegre is a master of finding the best way to present his treasure naked women. With nude art videos you're getting a rare inside glimpse as if catching these sexy naked women in the most intimate moments. Hegre's erotic films provide you something that nude stills usually fail to bring - some very tempting yet unprepared movements of his graceful nude female models, a fleeting smile or a brief laughter escaping their sensual lips. All this is well worth going for the video section as the action inside is the sheer pleasure with stunningly beautiful naked women posing, spreading and showing their smashing, slim, yet deliciously curvy bodies for you.

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Properly named even the titles of Hegre's nude photo sets and erotic movies trigger your imagination. Take for example "Sensual Africa - Capturing the Rainbow'" or "Adam and Eve in Thailand - Taking a Break", "Dubai Surprise - Naked Luxury" and you'll feel getting closer to Hegre's naked women, while he's exposing his new findings and even generously sharing with us the fascinating beauty of his beloved wife - the First Lady of Hegre-Art.com. Catching to the eye his erotic art works are as extremely arousing as artistic always bringing more than simply aesthetic delight.

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Though Petter Hegre is obviously after a certain type of nude models and has his well recognizable brand of female beauty, that is, long-legged and willowy young nude women with tiny waists and the excess of flesh just in all the right places, it must be the girls' vibrant personality and inner intelligence plus the right angle and place that make every new nude shoot really new and one-of-a-kind. From porcelain blonde European nude babes to real black pearls or mysterious oriental beauties, at Hegre-Art they've got it all! Among all the beautiful models, his wife and muse, Luba, takes up a special place. He never gets tired of capturing her delicate alluring beauty and his love and dedication result in some very inspiring erotic art footage. "Luba means Love" and you can feel that he really means it browsing through her fantastic erotic nude sets.

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Bringing world class nude models for his knowing camera, Petter Hegre never stops seeking and uncovering yet new beautiful naked women throughout the globe: You can check his inspiring results in a special section totally devoted to his travels. Having an eye for beauty Petter Hegre selects and captures on cam the most attractive and sexual nude women he finds during his global erotic expeditions. You will feel as if you're taking part in the trips while going through Hegre's detailed accounts about all his exciting adventures, with all the backstage revealing details and more of the kind. Spanning the world this gifted photographer fulfils his erotic mission of bringing more beauty into our busy world. He's the one who possess the power to stop the enchanted moment of time and bring you true erotica.

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Over the years Hegre-Art.com is providing us with the most gorgeous nude top models and top-notch erotic photography always true to its motto of bringing "excellence in nudes". Never stopping looking for beauty Petter Hegre manages to expose in his nude art works still new elements of female beauty. All his erotic pictures are done with class and style which are refreshing new and have made major impact on the contemporary nude art photography. With Hegre-Art you'll be browsing through a new thrilling nude gallery every day growing in the mind that all the praise is completely justified. Here you'll get some totally unforgettable erotic experience while welcomed to look at the world through the eyes of the undisputed master of the nude, Petter Hegre.