Hegre Massage

the art of sensual touch

She holds his pleasure in her loving hands

Erotic massage

Hegre’s compelling and visually immaculate massage films make a clear statement about the art of touch and the pleasure it brings on the mental, emotional and carnal level. The stronger sex needs some special attention too, the kind of attention only a female-to-male erotic massage can offer. Imagine a pair of loving hands gliding up and down a throbbing phallic pole glistening with oil as the awe-inspiring erection keeps growing under butterfly-soft kisses, teasing licks and quick brushes of a tongue. A massage can be slow and gentle with the eye contact kept in POV style as a lucky man plunges in the ocean of caring tenderness, or it can be rough, painful and extremely intense in BDSM erotic manner, but granting every courageous one sexual connection on a brand new level. Then a glory hole table scene will remind you of famous Rodin’s works because of the perfectly sculptured bodies involved in the most intimate cock-milking scene. Whatever the set-up – satisfaction is guaranteed.

Mother Nature turns her body into his playground

naked masseur gives massage

When it comes to male-to-female erotic massage, Hegre just has to switch on his camera and let Mother Nature take her course, because isn’t it just natural for a man to want to touch, caress, stroke and explore an enticing bodily landscape of a beautiful woman? Worshipped from head to foot, she can experience the total pleasure and almost euphoric delight of a full-body massage. Then just imagine for a second that such relaxing and wildly enjoyable bodywork can be part of a top model’s daily routine and what sexual gratification she can finally achieve. It is simply unbelievable how many opportunities open up when you are an amazingly flexi girl-gymnast. Those wide splits and spreads allow for such stimulation of her G-spot and other erogenous zones that most ladies can only dream about. Do you know what some sensory deprivation can do to a woman? Being blindfolded, she must fully trust her male partner and her own body reactions leading her to the most desirable destination. Take also a peek at a French stallion multi-tasking with two beautiful twin babes and see many other captivating massage scenarios come to life here.

All-girl intimacy at their tender fingertips

girl girl erotic massage

The best thing about female-to-female erotic massage is that a woman gets touched in all the right places, with proper intensity and delicacy; she’s getting pampered with generosity and understanding that only another woman can provide. Women are different from men; remember, they are really from another planet, so they do need some time for all their senses to awaken and begin a slow build-up to a much awaiting and welcoming happy ending. Watch as with the fading sunlight and falling dusk, cums the pleasure in a tropical paradise. A special erotic room-service releases the tension and takes way the hustle and bustle of a stressful working day. A sexual fire chakra opens under the skilled masseuse’s hands in the dim light of crackling firewood. An expectant mother with beautiful swollen curves gets the intimate touch and worshipping she deserves. A submissive kind of bondage bodywork takes you on a journey to your dark side for the ultimate sensory experience. The variety of massage settings can take your breath away!

The gift of touch and tantric mysteries

lingam tantric massage

A body-to-body massage is one of the most fascinating acts, as a beautiful masseuse puts to use not only the power of her tenderly probing and caressing hands, but also a magic-weaving touch of her soft breasts, smooth hips and her whole naked body. A breast massage can only be an appetizer with slender fingers gently cupping ample curves, stroking sensitive flesh and tweaking aroused nipples, but it is good to look at. Spiritually sensual Tantric massage ceremonies connecting your mind, body and soul have long become Hegre’s specialty. Sacred yoni and lingam honoring practices at the Temple of Tantra make for the truly intimate, healing, meditative and exhilarating experience. Check this if you want to know more about Yoni Massage here you will find out: What is it. What is it for. How to do Yoni Massage right. The Benefits. Whatever path to sexual nirvana you choose in Hegre’s world of tangible pleasures – you can’t go wrong. Just give it a try!