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If you've never seen MPL Studios nude photos and videos, you don't know what erotic art means! When gorgeous Russian nude girls and professional nude art photographers come together the result is bound to be simply superb and from the look of things it certainly is! It has something to do with sexy artistic posing of breathtakingly beautiful models, the variety of impressive locations and the excellent composition. Captured by the professional cam of world-class photographers these fascinating nude teens bring erotic photography to the new quality level.

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Artistic erotica or erotic art? With it's both blended together for the erotic perfection! Focusing on the beauty of the nude girls featured inside in all their youthful glamour it never crosses the line so its artistic photography won't ever feel too pretentious or overdone. On the contrary, the site succeeds in creating special intimacy while many of its fascinating nude models are captured in the natural environment rather than some far away exotic places. It brings these terrific looking nude teens somewhat closer to you.

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To browse through the pages of this artistic nude site is a real pleasure as MPL Studios has prepared a splendid presentation with generous sampling of its superb content. You can feel a professional touch in everything from the exceptional and easy to use layout to the model list with hand-picked nude teens. You also get a plenty of quality text comments covering every aspect of this nude art site. You're about to start a journey through the Eastern Europe with its breathtaking locations and stunningly beautiful women now captured on cam and presented in prime quality nude pictures and videos.

Own Unbeaten Style

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Being on the market for over five years, starting from 2003, MPL Studios promises you its very personal and sophisticated approach to nude art. They use here a common for the softcore photography sites magazine cover presentation of updates, yet it's these updates that are very uncommon, they have their own unbeaten style and class making you really interested. It's not just another photographic art site, it's a real gem that can grace your collection of nude photos and videos. There are several initial points from where you can start your captivating erotic adventure: you can either go straight for the updates list with nude pics and vids, or choose to browse the site by the model index, or locations (Russia, Czechia or Hungary). Whatever you decide on, the trip is going to be simply unforgettable.

Heart-stopping Nude Teens

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While searching for your ideal girl among the heart-stopping nude teens on the model list, don't forget to look into the Hall of Fame, maybe one of these gorgeous females will become one of your favorites. Sweet, shy, angelic looking or devilishly seductive these nude girls will bring you to the erotic paradise. Sensual and intriguing, youthful and innocent, fiery and spirited these teens embody everything you like about beautiful young girls. They know how to tempt, tease and seduce while posing sexy, opening up for you and inviting you to share their most intimate moments. There is something special about every nude model, and it's not only her luring nubile body, it's her personality that makes every set, both photo and video, a new erotic revelation.

Great Place to be for all the Connoisseurs of Artistic and Erotic Nude

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Browsing through the updates you'll notice that sets belong to different series here. Go and check smashing nude photos from the 'Model Debut', fresh-faced honeys captured on them look so lovely and natural in their nudity they can charm a cam itself. 'BTS Series' is always a great success, as MPL Studios provides a thorough coverage of everything tempting and totally unexpected that may happen behind the scenes. You'll get a deep insight into the nude girls' private lives satisfying your curiosity as to what a model's life is really like. As they say here you get a fantasy and a girl behind this fantasy. Then there is another kind of erotic art sets that's worth your attention, it's 'Bodyscape Series' where you will be able to enjoy luring and extremely exciting close-ups celebrating the beauty of nude teens' body in all the tempting details. In 'Girlfriends Series' you'll see adorable female close friends getting still closer as their passion starts burning like a bright fire. 'Lifestyle Photo Series' promises to take you on the exciting trip bringing more eroticism in your everyday life. And don't pass by amazing 'Postcard Series' enabling you to share your joy with a friend. On the whole there are so much interesting and enticing inside you'll feel unable to leave this place for hours, days and months.

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To appreciate the outstanding work and great professionalism of the MPL Studios photographers check their black-n-white nude photos. It's the shadow-and-light play that brings up all the beautiful and alluring about a female body. When in black and white, smooth sculptured figures of these young nude girls seem even more enchanting. You can explore them for hours admiring every sexy curve and every line. Here nothing distracts you from the heavenly built nude teens filmed in all their youthful glory. MPL Studios is a great place to be for all the connoisseurs of artistic and erotic nude pictures and videos, as this site not only promises you one unforgettable experience, it certainly delivers it! Naturally beautiful and free-spirited Russian nude girls, devilishly seductive and very delicious beauties from Eastern Europe, exquisite, easy-going and sunny young women from Hungary - they are all real gems hand-picked by MPL Studios and shining from the site's pages like sparkling brilliants. Let their crystal clear nude photos and sensual movies fill your screen. Are you ready for the very intimate encounter with your fantasy girl?