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It is really hard not to fall in love with all the stunningly beautiful hand-picked playboy babes. Only the best from the best were chosen to grace the pages of the magazine during several decades as Playboy playmates, and then only the most fascinating beauties had the honor to become a cover girl. But finally, at the beginning of the XXI century Playboy Plus was composed to go beyond the limits of the glossy magazine and give you still more of dazzling playboy girls, professional nude photography and enticing HD videos while still keeping up the highest standards of purely erotic scene.

The variety of playboy babes presented inside is almost as impressive as the quantity, and most of the girls have the branded top models looks, but the content is strictly softcore whether it is solo or girl-girl footage, and none of these babes does anything too explicit. After all they are supposed to be queens of erotic tease and goddesses of sensuality, not your average porn slut. The playboy girls are just too precious to be spoilt by cheap looking close-ups. On the other hand their sensual nudity is top exclusive too, because you will not find nude photos of a famous cover girl on any other site.

It is not only their extraordinary beauty, but also their personality

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The layout of the site is modern and very straightforward with playboy girls divided into several categories and numerous search options on top for you to be able to find and watch the babes according to your preferences. They have done a great work here composing loads of content into something that looks so compact and classy on the outside while containing tons of nude playboy babes' pictorials, quality erotic movies and various extras inside.

It is a well-known fact that the site always brings just creme de la creme when it comes to its smashing cast of playboy girls, but nevertheless the variety is still here. The playboy babes disrobing and posing naked and sexy for you inside never look alike. It is not only their extraordinary beauty, but also their personality that shines through in all the nude picture sets and sensual videos that seems so captivating. Choosing Playboy Plus as your one-stop online station you will able to watch the most intimate shoots of the top exclusive playboy babes, from jaw-droppingly hot blonde bombshells and spicy olive-skinned brunettes to rare black pearls and exotic oriental cuties, from professional top models and celebs to spunky coeds and fresh-faced amateurs. There are seven categories to choose from, Playmates, Celebrities, Cybergirls, Internationals, Coeds, Amateurs and Special Editions, and each of them is worth to have a look at.

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For several decades Playboy has traditionally been hand-picking the most beautiful, stunning and breathtakingly gorgeous ladies to pose as its playmates in that classy pin-up girls style, and even in the XXI century the magazine's particular standards of feminine beauty are still well recognized in the terrific selection of playboy babes. This section is a total must-see, what with all the famous Playboy cover girls and centerfolds, such as Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra, presented at one place and trying out their sensuous charm on you. Nowhere else will you be able to see these fabulous playmates together.

Is it not a dream come true when you get a chance to finally watch your favorite celebrity totally nude? The list of popular celebs stripping naked for Playboy includes such legends as Marilyn Monroe and also the latest additions - Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian. All of them are perfect 10s, bright, talented, deliciously curvaceous and exuding irresistible sexual charm beauties gracing the list of voluptuous playboy girls. You will not see them in the nude anywhere else!

Curvaceous Latinas, Ebony goddesses, blonde Euro dolls and legendary Slavic beauties

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Now the "Cybergirls" section is something utterly special, if you are a fan of the magazine, you will recognize the hot playboy babes who posed for Playboy's online Cyber Club and were voted for a title of a Cybergirl of the week, a Cybergirl of the month or a Cybergirl of the year. But even if you are a newcomer, this section is of the can't-miss sort. The spectrum of online playboy girls is as impressive as their ravishing beauty, so you will want to stay here longer and get more up close and personal with the cybergirls while browsing through their top-notch galleries or watching their thrilling hi-def movies.

Since Playboy Plus features top models and celebs from all around the world, the "International" section comes as no surprise. Here you will see playboy babes from the Old and New Worlds, including such countries as the USA, Brazil, Colombia, Britain, Italy, France, Slovakia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, etc. So if variety is what you are looking for, do not look any further. The assortment of beautiful playboy girls gathered here can boggle your imagination. You will make a round-the-world journey without having to leave your room, ogling curvaceous Latinas, Ebony goddesses, blonde Euro dolls and legendary Slavic beauties on your way.

Amateurs Section - Natural Sexiness

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We all love college girls for their unabashed youthful charm, hot looks and playfulness. They even do not have to wear ponytails and skimpy tartan skirts to tease the hell out of you. All these young and peppy playboy girls have to do to make you hot-to-trot is tantalizingly slowly strip off whatever sexy outfit they have on and boast their yummy enough to eat goods. Now, it will hardly take them long to have you drooling over their juicy girlish forms and almost top models looks.

Isn't it nice to see a new girl, a fresh face and body you have never seen before, for a change? At Playboy Plus they think that it may be a very refreshing experience, so they have this "Amateurs" section to advertise their new exclusive picks. These playboy babes are not pros, but they still possess simply knockout looks, natural sexiness and appeal that can put them in one rank with some famous playmates. You just have to praise the site for the unique talent in finding such jewels and making them shine on its pages.

The top Shelf Classy Erotica

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You will wonder what is so special about "Special Editions", but once you are inside, you will see that this footage really does not fit in any other category. It is only here that you will be able to watch sets with more than one girl and even with some sensual girl-on-girl interaction; you will get access to playmates reviews, original playmate calendar photos and some hot lingerie shoots with drop-dead gorgeous playboy babes modeling more than their underwear. Finally, you will know more about the most popular playmates and the private life of Playboy genius and famed philanderer Hugh Hefner. The list of special softcore scenes can be endless.

If you are looking for the top shelf classy erotica, then Playboy Plus is the right choice. It has gathered all the famous Playboy playmates and fresh faces, legendary cover girls and centerfolds, nude celebrities and top models under one roof giving you not only their glamorized photo set, but also terrific HD videos. You will get everything from the original magazine plus more!