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Sex Art is more than art; it’s a new philosophy and revolutionary fusion of nude art and hardcore sex. This merger was blessed by Met Art, an acknowledged leader in the erotic genre, and such combination of sex and art was so innovative that there was no proper term for it then. They started to call this special blend of explicit nude erotica ‘artcore’ or ‘hardart’ claiming that their performers were actors rather than pornstars, that they filmed true feelings, emotions, sensual exploration and passionate love-making instead of usual ‘suck-bang-blast’ porn, and they put quite a lot of effort into making it look beautiful, high style and authentic at the same time. The people behind Sex Art have invented a new type of erotica that is satisfying in all senses.

Sex Art video - a totally new viewing experience

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Checking a new nude art site, you usually expect to see some strictly softcore content with mostly solo nudes or occasional girl-on-girl sex scenes; you don’t expect to find lots of erotic movies that last more than a couple of minutes too. But could you imagine a nude photography site venturing into more hardcore area and actually going far beyond artistic posing, letting their models not only perform on cam, but also really live out the moments of tender affection, insatiable lust and breathtaking release? It will be a totally new viewing experience even if it is just between a girl, her naughty fingers and/or sex toys in a thrilling autoerotic sex movie. But then it was a real challenge to give you far more intense lesbian and couple sex video content that would be both ‘beautifully filmed and passionately performed’, but this site managed to find the exact balance between the art and sex, showing you true human feelings, chemistry, connection, and thus turning explicit into exquisite!

Sex Art explicit captivating and inspiring photography

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However, if you cannot imagine a nude photography site without an extended photo section, you don’t have to worry. Sex Art produces quite a lot of erotic photography releases featuring not only some of the most beautiful solo nudes the Internet has to offer, but also some highly sensuous and rather bold lesbian explorations plus traditional boy/girl love-making between the couples or total strangers. Every single gallery will show you that art should not be unaffectionate, and sex should not be dirty or offensive. The way it is filmed here, all the sex scenes look rather beautiful, captivating and inspiring. On viewing Sex Art’s collection of picture sets, you won’t consider sex as something forbidden or sinful. It’s part of human nature, a way to show your affection or simply get a pleasurable release. You won’t be afraid to burn in hell for answering some of your special bodily needs once you can see the beauty of sex and art combined.

Thrilling solo sex performance in exquisite Sex Art style

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Most of the movies and photo sets at Sex Art have their intriguing plots, even if it is a solo performance. Should you give it some thought, you will realize that you need a very talented actor and director to produce a solo sex film that can capture and hold your attention from the very beginning and all through up to the ecstatic ending. Imagine a girl walking into an empty mansion and getting in the mood to strip off and masturbate there; or a nude beauty playing her cello before feeling like playing with her burning hot pussy; or a sexy exhibitionist shamelessly pleasuring herself while knowing she’s being watched; or some paradisiacal outdoor locations with an eye-catching cutie bringing herself to an explosive climax after some extremely satisfying toy sex. Although there’s a story behind each Sex Art scene, it seems that these beautiful sensual ladies act on the spur of the moment, baring their flawless bodies and taking us on a journey through their sex dreams and desires to overwhelming orgasms.

The beauty and poetry of fascinating lesbian sex life

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A masterful balance of sex and art can be seen in every lesbian scene soaked with playfulness, eagerness, sensuality, ardor and love. You will see everything from shy girl-on-girl tryouts as a couple of girlfriends make their first tentative steps into the world of lesbian sex delights to outbreaks of passion between long-term sapphic lovers. You can feel the real connection between the girls, “in mind, body and spirit” when you see them holding each other in their arms, tenderly kissing and caressing their sensitive bods before plunging deeper into the ocean of love and finally rocking on the waves of orgasmic pleasure. Everything may start innocently and companionably until the desire makes itself felt and the two babes - lovers, friends or strangers - get immersed in simply intoxicating lesbian sex with their hungry mouths, teasing tongues, probing fingers and even sex toys. But no matter how much the things heat up, the sense of beauty and poetry of the action never leaves you. This is erotic art at its best!

Hardcore fantasies full of romance and dangerous sex adventures

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Looking at Sex Art’s high definition masterpieces, you can really believe that they were produced with more care, effort, creativity and even higher budgets than some mainstream movies. Their plots vary a lot too, from spy movies, mysteries and detectives to sweet love stories, or should we call them sex stories instead? The love between a man and a woman is something most nude art sites never dared to depict before Sex Art came on the porn scene with its original more explicit erotic movies, series and stills. You will see not only fairly hardcore sex, but also exquisite art in many fantasy situations that throw a couple into a whirl of passion, lust and never-felt-before ecstatic bliss. It can be felt in affectionate morning sex scenes; in spontaneous sex encounters where a waiter, a detective or a photographer suddenly falls for his beautiful female client or model; in exciting sexual aftermath of deathly dangerous agent 007-like undercover adventures and other creative erotic fantasies, like with a suddenly coming to life and eager to have sex statue of Greek goddess Rhea.

“Girls Love Sex” and “Kamikaze Love” original erotic series

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You can get to know even more about love and sex with Sex Art’s original erotic series. Check the episodes of “Girls Love Sex” that offer you a very intimate insight into the love life of its main heroines with all the kinkiest fetishes and sex fantasies revealed. Pay also attention at the exclusively featured at Sex Art romantic erotic thriller from the famous writer, producer and director known for such legendary erotic movie masterpieces as “9 1/2 Weeks”, “Wild Orchid”, “Red Shoe Diaries”, etc. Zalman King’s "Kamikaze Love" series will bring you to the very edge showing you the lethal consequences of all-consuming passion and dangerous sex experiments with a woman in love. How far will you dare to go for love and sex?

Sex Art’s very special brand of explicit erotica

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Sex Art has made a revolution in porn since the people behind it weren’t afraid of venturing into new territories to create their special brand of explicit erotic movies and galleries. They took the best from old-school photography adding some innovative touch and all the modern bells and whistles for the undoubtedly highly artistic, stellar quality, high definition imagery. Even now nobody mixes sex and art so masterfully, what with the excellent camerawork, mostly natural lighting, intriguing scene setups, the loveliest young models, romantic interludes, passionate sex and real orgasms that add intensity without compromising the artistic value of the erotic content filmed to perfection.