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The Art of Orgasm

Unconventional approach, naturalness and unfeigned sticky wet orgasms

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You won’t see “airbrushed pin-ups” inside The Life Erotic; naturalness is their trademark in everything, in the non-artificial beauty of their models, in their uninhibited sexuality, untamed passion and unfeigned orgasms. This site really has nothing in common with many glamorized nude photography sites invading the net, it has a different philosophy, its very own way of shooting, and it really celebrates unabashed sexiness and never-ending search of pleasure of its good-looking females. They will push all the boundaries and explore the darker side of sensuality launching into lezdom and other sorts of SM play. You will find the content somewhat edgy, very intense and absolutely unconventional, what with the choice of models, settings, lighting, themes, etc. Intrigue and satisfaction are guaranteed!

Cute, sweet, playful sologirls get very naughty

Cute sexy lady

Most of the content here is sologirl type of scenes ranging from plain cute to extremely explicit, from artsy to kinky and from classy glamour to darker sex dramas. If you like cute, you should check the episode with pigtailed sweetie Dido that will make you hot to trot even before she strips off her girlie shorts and tank-top. Her long slim legs and adorable face can charm the pants off you, but then you’ll get to see her hairless pink pussy in all the detail and so close – you can almost smell its sweet odour. You will have almost as much fun In Bed with Suzan, the cutest little thing you’ve ever met, but with the impish spirit that lets her willingly flash on cam and touch her sex invitingly. Sometimes the cute may grow into passionate (like with Kira W At Home) and candid into untamed (Sindi S).

Explicit juicy masturbation sessions, fisting and toy play

Hot lady in stockings

Some girls go far beyond sexy stripping and teasing, they eagerly satisfy themselves on cam using their probing fingers or even fists and all types of sex toys or other handy objects they can get their hands on. Such scenes often start with sensual explorations, so you will be able to see the awakening of the desire and the moment the passion ignites followed by a very explicit masturbation session that finally leads to a truly explosive orgasm. These babes never fake it, and even the light touch of a feather can get them going so much they will be cumming strong in the end. As the action gets hot and sticky, you will see sweet love juices oozing out of soaking wet slits zoomed in for you to catch every juicy detail.

Natural hairy beauties carried away on the wave of excitement

blindfolded nude lady

You will also notice that many models found inside this nude erotic art site do not shave their privates, they don’t even trim them letting their pubic hair grow wildly instead. So if you like your woman to have a natural bush down there, then this is the place to be. It always looks like some sort of sensuous revelation when you see such hairy beauty parting her fuzzy outer labia and inserting a finger or toy inside her already wetting vagina. Their ultimate surrender to the building up desire seems even more enticing than their non-glamorized natural looks. Sometimes a text message is everything a girl needs to trigger her inner sexiness and let the wave of excitement carry her away to the dream world of exquisite sensual pleasures.

Passion-soaked girl-on-girl photo sets and movies

stripped naked woman

Though most of the content at The Life Erotic is of solo type, there are also some very wet and passion-soaked girl-on-girl photo sets and movies inside. Everything may start very casually, with a cup of hot chocolate which sweet aroma wakes up the other cutie and finally leads to a heated lesbian twosome. It maybe an Unexpected Visit of a friend, when one’s girlfriend pops in to say “hi”, but then ends up stripping naked and getting her dark bushy beaver eaten out and fingered to orgasm (with plenty of close-ups for you to see it all). Finally, you may stumble upon a sexy sapphic trio getting down and dirty with a bulbed glass toy in the shower. The temperature will be rising in the room not only because of the hot water streaming down on their young slim bodies, but also because those blonde, redhead and brunette team up on each other by turns with their moist tongues, probing fingers and sleek dildo until each girl reaches her big wet O. Every time it’s a different story of passion, love and lust.

Edgy, intense, dramatic, darker scenes showcasing raw sexuality

nude babe

Some of the nude photography sets seem pretty unusual and much more dramatic than you may expect from this genre. Many scenes are captured in not that glamorous surroundings like dark industrial premises (No Escape) or covered with graffiti slums (Rough Edge). A nude babe masturbating on the rusty iron bench by the old brick wall of the abandoned plant looks quite exotic (Penetration). She’s got beautiful cream-n-peach skin, natural big juicy boobs and a curvy ass, the contrast between her sexy looks and the background is really striking, but it adds more thrills to the excitement that you feel watching this set. The darker lighting means a lot too, in the dimply lit room all the distracting details fade away and you concentrate on the action itself, the desire seems more acute and the final release - more intense.

Kinky SM-like play leading to earth-shattering orgasms

submissive woman

This site does push the boundaries in the search of pleasure, so everything that triggers that special pleasure button will be considered acceptable, even kinky SM-like play. You will see cuffed, tied up, caged or otherwise restrained babes getting their kicks out of their submissive condition. If anything, those restraints make their vaginas even wetter and eventually lead to simply earth-shattering orgasms. The action gets even hotter when two girls launch into a kind of lezdom play where a collared and handcuffed sex-slave gets whipped before some very satisfying pussy lapping, grinding and fingering. The blondes from Let’s Play like it so much that in the end they swap the roles using a mouth-gag and a blindfold in addition. The journey to pleasure can be rough, but the final destination is worth the effort.

Creative original enticing photography with pretty unusual themes

sexy girl

You cannot, but admit that The Life Erotic is one of the most creative nude erotic art sites out there. For example, a sexy studio set with a girl getting off from the play with a fire extinguisher isn’t something you see too often on the similar genre sites. Then a busty babe rubbing a sleek black clarinet against her bushy pussy and parting her labia like a pink flower looks pretty unusual and very enticing as well. Don’t pass by a hot redheaded Drummer exposing her heavy boobs with tiny pierced nipples and touching her excited slit right at the rehearsal. Come also and taste that special Witch’s Brew and see what effect it will have on you once a darkly beautiful witch gets naked working her charm on you.

Natural beauty, edgy nude art and uncensored orgasmic sexuality

perky nipples lady

The site proclaims somewhat different approach to nude photography and erotic art, focusing not only on natural feminine beauty, but also on uninhibited sexuality, unabashed self-pleasuring and genuine hot wet sticky orgasms. Everything seems unique here, the philosophy, the lighting, the angles, the non-airbrushed beautiful models. They aren’t ashamed of their bodily needs, they do not act, but rather live out their most intimate sex dreams, and it seems you’ve just caught them in the act. The Life Erotic is really special. It doesn’t urge you to come inside, instead it’s enticing you to peep in, and once you do – you won’t be able to resist going further.